What was the reason for what led to the Creation of Trade Urex 360?

Trade Urex 360 was born from an individual's curiosity and search for answers to Bitcoin. The founder was intrigued by the mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin and began to dig deeper into the world of this revolutionary digital asset. The fascination soon turned into a love for Bitcoin trading when they realized the immense potential of Bitcoin.

In the span of 3 years of work, the founders created effective trading strategies that were suited for their Bitcoin trading journey. Through analyzing price patterns, identifying the key factors that influence Bitcoin's price, and deciding on the best trading tools They gradually developed the basis of Trade Urex 360.

The company's founder of the company shared their ideas with a colleague who introduced them to an experienced team of programmers. In only 15 months, they created Trade Urex 360 to life as an extensive platform that houses the most essential resources to Bitcoin traders. Since its beginning the platform has continually developed, incorporating new technology to provide seamless and effective trading with only two clicks.

What was the purpose behind the establishment of Trade Urex 360?

Trade Urex 360 was established to provide an extensive platform for those who are interested in trading crypto specifically Bitcoin. The founders wanted to create a place that would allow users to not only be educated about Bitcoin but also discover a variety of trading strategies, resulting in an effortless and profitable Bitcoin trading experience.

Since its beginning the goal of the platform was to allow traders to recognize their own trading style, determine their preferences for Bitcoin pair, as well as establish their own trading guidelines. With its flexibility and personalised choices, Trade Urex 360 aims to demonstrate that traders are able to navigate the cryptocurrency market based on their own preferences and preferences, resulting in an enjoyable trading experience.

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